PUMAr meeting Wednesday 9th July 2014:

PUMAr Research Cluster
First formal meeting 9/07/14
Phil Ellis
Phaedra Stancer
John Fitzsimons
David Hilton
Allister Gall

1) Research Poster/Website
Web updates presented for discussion by PE. Research poster produced by PS and AG for internal research event 10/07/14 derived from the web content.

The cluster aims and methodology need reviewing and clarifying. Meeting suggestions to be written up by PS and PE to amend on web.

2) Updates on current research engagement activities.
On-line and local TV networks
Project has evolved into PUMAr research cluster with aims and methodology reflected in those of the cluster.
Discussion of how the cluster differed from the original project:
PUMAr is inclusive of all Media Arts practices.
The aims are not media specific but focused around methodology which explores: Impact, Engagement and Inclusivity.
Aim: To continually question and redefine the contested term “What is Media Arts, now?”
Human processes are key to this both in production and engagement through communication and expression.

Women in STEM/Science
Aims of project outlined. 6 case studies completed and promotional video in early production. BIS funding application and future stages of the project explained. This will involve case studies from regional industry partners including Babcock, a social media campaign, website, evaluation and papers.

Imperfect Cinema
New initiatives include The River Tamar Project – two workshops and production and screening of participatory video. This will involve working with community groups on trains and in walking around Devonport. The final piece will include use of Endicott archive footage.
Completion of AG PhD.
Aim: To explore how we can best use media to disseminate research outputs.

360 Project
To present, outputs include: 2010 city screening, 2012 Weymouth Olympiad screening, 2013 conference ‘Time About Space’, 2014 Three Towns in Focus, History festival screening.
Upcoming: 3 papers at International Panoramic Conference in Germany with exhibition of newly produced 360 work. This work focuses on The View and explores how film can articulate meaning and engagement in 360 context.

Problems incurred with accessing original broadcast site for new re-enactment. PE will continue to try to resolve, plus exploring original sites where the broadcast was received.
Paper at Archaeology in Film and Media in Bradford
Exhibition of work at National Media Museum attached to conference.

Global/Local TV
Two programmes have recently been broadcast jointly from Exeter College and Nashville State College. Presenting local musicians from both communities and presented by students from both institutions.

Media Factory
This new initiative comes out of the potential of access to a location at Sutton Harbour as a media related participatory venue. The length of contract available may make the venue untenable as a focus but the idea of the Media Factory could be explored as a multi-venue branded entity as with Imperfect Cinema. The aims of the Media Factory will fit with those of PUMAr in relation to Impact, Engagement and Inclusivity. Subversion of the factory as a concept is part of this: a factory of branded ideas rather than commercial products; is the factory a place of play or work or both?

Funding will need to be explored for this initiative which could potentially cohere and support all the aspects of PUMAr.

3) European Funding
JF fed back on Horizon 2020 European Funding meeting. Focus on Employment and enhancement with many streams, one of which is Society and Culture another Creative Europe. Our aim here is to find European collaborators who are already intending to submit a bid and form productive partnerships which will allow us to explore our own agendas while supporting a larger project.

4) What next?
Update Aims and Methodology
From discussion clearer aims could include:
Aim: To continually question and redefine the contested term “What is Media Arts, now?”
Aim: To explore how we can best use media to disseminate research outputs.

Research Engagment
Individuals to continue to pursue their own research objectives as outlined above.
JF to explore European partnerships with input from cluster members.
PE, PS and AG to look into potential funding for Media Factory.

Cluster Dissemination
In the longer term, in addition to the website, the cluster could disseminate through a TV programme with studio sets and a publication in book form.

5) Next meeting
Plenary session in October 2014 - full membership invited to present 5 minute outline of research interests. PS to convene.

PUMAr meeting October 2014: