Global Local TV

Global Local TV is a collaborative project between Exeter College and Nashville State College, USA.

Working with The Volunteer State College in Nashville Tennessee, students on the FdA TV production course at Exeter College have completed two 30 minute music based programmes that will be shared across the internet and broadcast on the cable channels in Tennessee.

This project was produced with partner advice from Reflected Eye Media

Educational Impact:

Educational Impacts of the project are:
1. International Global collaboration.
2. Use and development of Global communication systems and skills.
3. Development of project management skills.
4. Collaboration with local musicians , graphic designers, journalists and production crews.
5. Design of Global TV shows for specified audiences.
6. Sharing of cultural perspectives and understanding.

Methods used:

The programmes feature local musicians and bands playing live from both locations and are editing to produce two seamless 30 minute programmes. The project was managed via use of video conferencing, dropbox and social media. Gantt charts and Moonfruit development were used to support scheduling and deadline adherence