PUMAr Bid 1

Researchers Phil Ellis, John Fitzsimons, David Hilton and Atila Mustafa received a £9,600 Teaching Fellowship Award through PEDRIO for 'Online and local television networks: a new pedagogy for a changing media' (see 'Is it TV' section for further details). Allister Gall was the Research Assistant for the project.

PUMAr Bid 2

Researchers John Fitzsimons and Phil Ellis have applied for a £75,000 grant to The Edge Foundation Innovation and Development Fund to foster Business skills for Creative Students, a project to help students understand opportunities for exploitation of their ideas through intellectual rights, and develop business and marketing strategies.

PUMAr Bid 3

Phaedra Stancer with Camille Parmesan and Stacey DeAmicis are in the process of applying for a grant from the Government’s Science and Society Community Challenge Scheme to extend the Women in STEM project. The extended project will look at potential STEM careers for young women within industry as well as exploring new ways of engaging with its target audiences.