360 PROJECT : Dr David Hilton

Outputs include: 2010 city screening, 2012 Weymouth Olympiad screening, 2013 conference ‘Time About Space’, 2014 Three Towns in Focus, History festival screening, and Paper at the 23rd IPC INTERNATIONAL PANORAMA CONFERENCE in Germany with exhibition of newly produced 360 work. This work focuses on The View and explores how film can articulate meaning and engagement in 360 context.


During September 2010, ICCI (Innovation for the Creative and Cultural Industries) and the University of Plymouth, UK, organised a 360 degree video film, arts and performance festival in Plymouth city centre. The rational behind this festival was to revive and re-engage with the popular nineteenth century tradition of touring panoramas.

Drawing on this traditional context, the ICCI festival also aimed to investigate the potential of panoramic spectatorship, utilising new innovative technologies of a projection screen format of six metres by twenty metres in diameter, high quality digital HD projection, digital surround audio and a performance space/auditorium housed within a demountable dome structure
The concept of the festival had been developed in line with the aspirations of LOCOG 2012 Cultural Olympiad in the South West of England; exploring the potential of a touring venue for the display of media and performance content.

Project details in the Exhibition section.

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As a result of the growth in panoramic photography and recent developments in 360 degree video there have been an increasing number of practitioners internationally who have been exploring this format as a creative environment. However, until recently the majority of the work produced has been limited: content has usually been displayed as interactive panoramas for computer screens, employing a computer mouse or touchpad as a means to navigate a 360 degree photographic or video space that is normally presented as a spherically mapped environment on a single screen. An emphasis for the festival was placed on the presentation of panoramic photographic imagery and video filmmaking. The prospect of having a visual moving image that completely surrounds the viewer who watches from inside the image offers many tantalizing opportunities to practically investigate panoramic experiences. Considering notions of audience, attention and experience, drawing from Munsterberg’s pioneering work in 1913, and others, this project also considers questions of the immersivity of the 360 image experience.


The development of new technologies has made more possible the production and presentation of visual images within the 360 degree environment, this has resurrected echoes of the physical spectacle of the 19th Century Panorama pioneers as well as offering new paradigms of thought and possibilities for exploring the image environment, its content production its experience and its meaning.
This 360 project seeks to ask questions around the creative possibilities of the 360 arena environment as a projection space, a performance space, a space of audience experience and a space offering new possibilities of meaning and not forgetting its roots seeks to explore the fixed paradigms of historical interpretation and how these might be evolved – or broken free from with the advent of new narrative and interactive forms.



Reframing a reconstruction Paper presented at At the Interlude between body, artifact and discourse, Plymouth Art Centre, 12 Jul 2013 - 14 Jul 2013.

A View in a Room, Paper presented at ‘Time around Space’ ICCI 360 Conference at Plymouth University. Also part of conference organization. June 2013. Published by Avanca Cinema Portugal 2013.

Being Where in the Dome, Paper by David Hilton and Martin Woolner Conference on the Image 26th 27th Sept Saint Sebastian Spain Sept 2011.
Published by ‘International Journal on the Image’ Volume 2 Issue 4 Common Ground , Chicago 2012 ISSN: 2154-8560.
also presented at Time around Space Conference Plymouth 2013

‘It’s Behind You’ Paper by David Hilton and Martin Woolner presented at ISCA 2011 Istanbul. 14th to 21st Sept 2011 in Experience of Film and Documentary Panel Sat 17th Sept. http://isea2011.sabanciuniv.edu/paper-list?page=3

'Inside out: The Cortical Songs 360 experiment', paper by David Hilton and John Matthias presented at Avanca Cinema - International conference of Cinema, Portugal 28th to July 31st Aug 2010  http://www.avanca.org Published in: AVANCA CINEMA 2010. International Conference of Cinema, Portugal. pp. 110–114.

Exhibitions and Events:

ICCI Conference

Plymouth Traces, a 15 minute 360 Video presentation.
May 15th to 17th 2014
Guildhall Plymouth, as part of the Plymouth History Festival: Three Towns in Focus: ICCI360 Rotunda Cinema.

The new 360 production presents a series of filmic vignettes based on new 360 filming around the city reflecting on its past through the 100 years since its foundation in 1914 as a city from the three towns of Devonport, Stonehouse and Plymouth.

The aim of the work is not to give a detailed chronology but rather a glimpse of some of the events and images through the years that made up the sense of the city.

The work takes the viewer around the coastline from Sutton Harbour to the Navy yards pausing on the way to visit the city centre and the market. Along the way viewers are presented with archive film clips of sights from the different eras of the past. The visual Flânerie is accompanied by a surround soundscape including recollections, opinions and thoughts on the city.

Ingenium quis Habitat. 6 minute film conceived for the 360 arena presentation as part of the Maritime Mix programme at the 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the sea Weymouth. The film was designed to explore the screen and investigate the impulse to see the view and the infinity of the horizon which in the dome arena is confined by the screen. The story is an exploration of a sense of place - a particular place in the landscape which in the 12th Century was a consecrated chapel - was a lookout station in the 16th Century and an antiaircraft battery in the 20th century. July – September 2012 https://vimeo.com/44152585

Reconstruction of the Roof of the Great Hall Dartington a 9 minute reconstructed film made for the 360-degree arena using contemporary 360 video and film shot on 16mm between 1928 and 1930 by George Bennett with excerpts of commentary recorded by Leonard Elmhirst in 1972. Original film courtesy of Dartington Hall Archive. Shown in Cultural Olympiad by the sea Weymouth July – Sept 2012. https://vimeo.com/45796283

Growing with Hannah’s A collaboration with Plymouth University Students and Dame Hannah Rogers’s Trust at Seale Hayne that explores some of the work of the trust conceived and made for the 360 Arena. Shown in Cultural Olympiad by the sea Weymouth July – Sept 2012.

Three Towns'' 24 minute 360 degree video production on the history of Plymouth from 1920 to 1980, Written by Harry Bennett, produced for ICCI University of Plymouth by Martin Woolner, Directed by David Hilton  screened at ICCI 360 Festival Plymouth 13 to 18 Sept 2010
‘Ten Tors' Orchestra conducted by Simon Ible performance of Johann Sebastian Bach Brandenburg Concerto No 3 and Wojiech Kilar - Orawa 360 degree video production produced for ICCI University of Plymouth by Martin Woolner Directed by David Hilton  screened at ICCI 360 Festival Plymouth 13 to 18 Sept 2010
 Clip 1 and  Clip 2

'Cortical Songs' 4 minute 360 degree video production of Part 1 of Cortical Songs by John Matthias and Nick Ryan performed by  Trinity College of Music String Ensemble, conducted by Nick Pendleberry with John Matthias playing solo violin,  screened at ICCI 360 Festival Plymouth 13 to 18 Sept 2010 and Maritime Mix programme at the 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the sea Weymouth. July – Sept 2012